Marketing and social media data breaches

Marketing and social media breaches are not unusual and online platforms and organisations can hold vast amounts of personal data. Both on and offline organisations seek personal data for marketing purposes. Plus, many free and promotional offers are dependent on you registering your details.

Social media platforms and search engines also seek to profit by sharing your personal data and activity.

The organisation may use your data by sending it to other organisations for marketing purposes. However, you should be fully informed of how this data might be used and shared before agreeing.

Recent examples of data sharing breaches

Data sharing breaches can be very serious. For example:

–          The Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal, where the personal data and of millions of users was illegally shared through a ‘personality quiz’ breaching privacy rules.  Following ICO fines in the UK and similar in the US, users affected may receive significant compensation for distress.

–          The Bounty Mother and Baby Club case where members receiving ‘goodie bags’ and promotional offers had potentially compromising personal data shared without their knowledge or consent with companies including a credit rating agency. The company was fined £400,000 by the ICO with individual compensation claims pending.

Most publicised cases have so far been settled under the rules of the law prior to the Data Protection Act 2018 and without having reached trial.

Where there are serious breaches under the new rules both the fines and compensation rights are likely to increase. This is because the obligations of organisations are greater to keep your data secure and only use and share it fairly within the law.

Claim for marketing and social media breaches

If you believe that your personal data submitted for marketing or social media purposes has been misused or breached, you may be able to submit a claim for compensation. We can help you identify whether you have a valid claim for a data sharing breach. To find out your data breach rights and whether you have a potential claim, contact us by filling out our contact form.