Healthcare services across the United Kingdom process the most sensitive data of millions of people. Medical information is classed as special category data, which needs more protection because it is sensitive.

This means that the NHS, your GP or any other organisation handling special category data must process this data lawfully, fairly and transparently and in accordance with both Article 6 and Article 9 UKGDPR.

Whilst there is no doubt that following the Corona Virus the UK healthcare system is experiencing unprecedented pressures, they still have an important duty to protect patient information.

What can cause a medical data breach?

The most common cause for such data breaches is human error, such as:

  • Employees receive insufficient training;
  • Employees are not aware of data security measures;
  • Carelessness;

In addition, there are, regrettably, instances where staff members deliberately access patient records without authority.

How are medical data breaches affecting people? 

The impact of a breach of medical information can have devastating consequences for those affected. The information is likely to be extremely personal (often containing detailed information regarding a patient’s mental health, physical health, gender, sex, and religion) and its unlawful disclosure can be extremely distressing for those concerned.

What can you do if you have suffered a data breach?

Contact one of our solicitors at DRM Legal who will be able to advise if you have a compensation claim. If you do have a valid claim we will act for you on a “no win-no fee” basis, meaning that if your claim is not successful you with have nothing to pay. Don’t delay – get in touch today!