12 May 2020


During the period 7 March 2020 – 30 March 2020, UK hardware store Robert Dyas has been targeted by cyber criminals due to a card skimmer being operational on their website.

Robert Dyas became aware of the data breach on 30 March 2020 and immediately took steps to block the malicious software and notify customers.

The customers affected are those who ordered goods online during the above period. The personal data stolen included highly sensitive information such as bank card numbers, CVV security codes, card expiry dates and on some occasions customers’ names and addresses.

To date, up to 20,000 customers have been affected by this data breach. Robert Dyas have advised those customers contact their bank and card providers and follow their recommendations as a caution.

Robert Dyas told the Register

“as soon as we became aware of the presence of malicious software deployed by an external third party on our ecommerce site, we took immediate action to remove it. We are confident this issue has been fully resolved and the website has been safe for use since 31st March”.

If you have received a notification from Robert Dyas or bought goods online between 7-30 March 2020, get in touch with our experienced data breach team who can help you to make a claim.