19 May 2020


It was revealed in April 2020 that the University of Warwick had been the victim of a cyber-attack sometime in 2019.  The breach occurred when hackers accessed their administrative network. The security incident took place when remote viewing software was installed. This software enabled hackers to steal sensitive personal information of students, staff and volunteers.

It was reported that as the university’s cyber security was so poor, it was impossible for them to identify what personal data had been breached

The University failed to inform the individuals whose sensitive personal information was stored of the breach and the risks they could be exposed to.

In March 2020, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) completed an audit. The ICO recommended more than 60 ways for the University of Warwick to store and protect confidential personal data, 16 of which were rated urgent.

We know how distressing it is to learn that your data has been breached and you may have a right to claim compensation. If you are a student, member of staff or have volunteered at the University of Warwick, get in touch with our data breach team for advice.