Now the lockdown has been lifted in part, the Government wants to keep track of customers and participants in potentially risky indoor environments for spreading the virus.

So you will be asked to give your contact details when you visit restaurants and pubs, hairdressers, tailors, museums and possibly places of worship and community centres.  The date and times of attendance will also be logged.

You will not be asked to provide proof of ID unless it is standard practice (such as age verification in pubs and bars).

Giving these details is entirely voluntary, though you may be encouraged to do so in the public, and your own, interests.  However you are entirely within your rights to refuse.

The processing of the data has to be GDPR compliant, must be kept secure before erasure after 21 days and cannot be used for any other purpose (such as marketing).

The ICO has issued guidance for businesses and organisations on test and trace data.

Should you have concerns about a data breach in connection with test and trace please get in touch